ECS Billet Engine Oil Dipstick - Polished - S3 8V


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The dipstick on your vehicle's engine is a maintenance tool used for checking that there is a sufficient level of oil to keep the internal components of the engine properly lubricated. OEM dipsticks are typically constructed of a plastic handle and a thin piece of metal with notches to indicate 'Low' and 'Full' oil levels. Unfortunately the plastic handles are notoriously known to become brittle over the years due to the daily fluctuation of engine bay temperatures and end up discoloring, cracking, or falling apart.

ECS Tuning has recognized this issue and designed our Billet Engine Oil Dipsticks to not only provide you with a more durable replacement, but also a more attractive addition to your engine bay. ECS Tuning's Billet Engine Oil Dipsticks are comprised of 1x7 stainless steel wire rope, topped off with a billet aluminum 6061-T6 handle finished in one of three color choices (Polished, Black Anodized, & Silver Anodized), and feature a stainless steel bullet shaped indicator designed to match up with the OEM specified 'Low' and 'Full' oil level marks. All dipsticks are pull-tested to ensure a rigid, crimped connection and every handle has a pre-installed viton o-ring for maximum sealing capacity and oil/fuel resistance.

Don't let a damaged dipstick hinder your ability to check engine oil level and give your engine bay an aesthetic upgrade. Engineered in-house and manufactured in the U.S.A., you can expect nothing short of the very best quality in terms of fitment, precision, and longevity.

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