Superpro Pack - F&R Front & Rear Susension Bush Kit (Camber Adjustment Kit) - KIT5210ADJK - Bora 4WD


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Included in Pack :
Includes; 1X SPF1915K, 1X SPF2082K, 1X SPF2593-21K, 1x SPF3366K, 1x SPF2576K, 1x SPF2577-80K, 2X SPF2541K, 1x SPF2592-14K, 1X SPF2536K

Features & Benefits of using Superpro

*Maintain steering geometry
*Enhance handling & ride characteristics
*Deliver superior replacement and repair performance – get back the “new car feel”
*Improve tyre wear, save fuel and reduce running costs
*Provide a safer vehicle with more grip

Only SuperPro Poly Bushings & Suspension Parts feature;
*“Supaloy” lighter, leaner, high-stress alloy hardware with built in corrosion resistance,
*“DuroBall” metal poly hybrid technology for vertical pivot bushings, a win-win outcome
*“Dynamic Roll Control” solutions – with the SuperPro advantage
*“Value Add” technology for smarter alignment corrections solutions.

SuperPro products are formed using our own engineered product designs and are made using a proprietary engineering grade polyurethane formula with unique material properties. SuperPro Polyurethane is a special elastomer based material which gives an extremely durable suspension product boasting the best characteristics of both rubber and plastic.

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