Subframe Spacer Plates Kit - Golf Mk5/Mk6 etc


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Subframe Spacer Plates Kit - Golf Mk5/Mk6 etc

The cure for the knocking subframe

The subframe knock issue is common amongst the Golf and Jetta MKV and the Passat B6. If you have taken your vehicle to the dealership but they have not been able to solve the problem, here is your solution.

These bolts and spacers replace the stock bolts that connect your subframe. Over time, the stock bolts stretch and allow slop in the front subframe. Replacing your stock units with identical replacements will only delay the issue and it will reappear after the replacements stretch. Use these replacement bolts to tighten everything in the front end back up.

Some individuals think that because the stock bolts are designed to break in a front end collision, they should not be replaced. However, Volkswagen of America has since put out a technical service bulletin to dispell these rumours and replace stock bolts with these units.

Look at the instructional video located below to get a better understanding about the installation of this kit.

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