Forge Motorsport VAG 6 Speed Side Quick Shift


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Forge Motorsport VAG 6 Speed Side Quick Shift

This replacement adjustable sideshifter will allow you to shorten the side to side movement of your gear shift in order to obtain the optimum shifting times required for performance driving . You can personally customise the lateral movement to suit your own preference due to an infinitely adjustable pivot mechanism. This unit will fit all VAG 6 speed gear boxes as found in

- VW MK4 Jetta GLI
- VW MK4 Golf GTI (337, 20th Anniversary, 24V VR6)
- VW New Beetle "Turbo S"
- Audi MK1 TT and Mk2
- VW MK5 Jetta GLI 2 litre
- VW MK5 Golf GTI 2 litre
- VW MK6 Jetta GLI 2 litre
- VW MK6 Golf GTI 2 litre
- VW MK7 Jetta GLI 2 litre
- VW MK7 Golf GTI 2 litre
- Audi A3 / S3 1.8T, 2.0FSiT, 2.0 Diesel
- VW Passat (B6) 2.0FSiT, 2.0 Diesel
- VW Eos 2.0FSiT, 2.0 Diesel
- Skoda Octavia MK1 1.8T and MK2 (up to 2006)
- SEAT Leon / Altea MK1 1.8T amd MK2 2.0FSiT, 2.0 Diesel
( Please note: this does not fit the Skoda Fabia/ VW Polo / Seat Ibiza or 1.9 diesel applications)

The Unit is supplied with both pin and ball fixings to suit either type of cable fixing, as found on these vehicles.

Please note: To ensure that this product functions correctly and so as not to stress associated components, it is essential that the linkage cables are re-adjusted after the installation of this product as per the supplied fitting instructions.

Up to and including 2007 models the original side to side shifting mechanism on these vehicles should be made of metal with the 2008 and onwards models having the original side to side mechanism made of plastic. (on all models the throw or front to back mechanism is made of metal ) We supply within the kit the necessary parts to allow fitment to both types.

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