Polybush Pack Rear Beam, Axle to Chassis Bushes - Golf Mk4, Bora 2wd etc


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The golf MK4 rear beam bush is a large and is usually difficult to fit a standard bush. As the bush is so large it would not allow the full amount of wheel articulation needed. therefore we have designed a void into the end of the bush, this allows the rear beam to articulate up and down its full travel as it was designed to do. it also makes the bush very easy to fit. as the bush is only voided at one end it is still stiff enough to keep the rear beam it its optimum geometry during hard driving.


Polybush are the world leader in Polyurethane Suspension Bushes and Components.

Why fit Polybush?

Impressive and Confident Ride
Excellent Noise Damping
Sharper Turn in - Predictable Cornering
Controlled Suspension Movement
Reduced Body Roll
Designed & Engineered to Exact Specifications
Pure Materials, Immense Flexibility & Resiliance
Fit & Forget - Excellent Logevity

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