Polybush Pack Front Wishbone, Rear Bushes - Golf Mk5 etc/Fabia1/Polo 9N


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The front wishbone rear bush on the newer VW PQ35 platform (golf mk5, mk6, Audi A3 mk2, etc...) provided a significant problem when it came to the front wishbone rear bush. The standard bush is a rubber design that allows the wishbone to articulate through twisting the rubber of the bush, to allow the bush to do this there are large voids that limit the amount of rubber being twisted. These voids unfortunately allow the wishbone to move during hard driving. This happens during cornering, the outside loaded wheel deflects and effectively reduces the steering angle, this adds to the understeer found in a FWD car and requires the driver to correct the misalignment by adjusting the steering input to get the vehicles front wheels to the correct cornering angle and reduce understeer. This deflection gives the driver a soft and vague steering feedback. Having a soft deflecting bush is also detrimental during hard acceleration, increasing the vehicles torque steer (this is even more noticeable with higher than standard power).

Other PU bush’s on the market offer a product that works like a PU bearing with a piece of PU rotating inside a PU housing, this works but has the disadvantage on needing to be regularly greased to keep it working correctly and stop the bush from squeaking during movement. Therefore to address all these problems we have designed a novel material based solution. In an attempt to stay away from a voided design that allows deflection and subsequent handling issues a design that works as a bearing had to be used without using grease. To do this the chemists/engineers at Polybush have developed a low friction PU that does not need greasing to provide a low friction surface essentially the best of both worlds. This is with the outer PU section made from Polybush’s carefully blended material that has a high hardness to reduce deflection but at the same time has excellent vibration adsorption quality’s due to its natural ability to internally damp high frequency vibration created by rough road surfaces and potholes. Resulting in a design that allows full wheel articulation, limits deflection from dynamic loading and is truly a fit and forget zero maintenance bush.

Polybush are the world leader in Polyurethane Suspension Bushes and Components.

Why fit Polybush?

Impressive and Confident Ride
Excellent Noise Damping
Sharper Turn in - Predictable Cornering
Controlled Suspension Movement
Reduced Body Roll
Designed & Engineered to Exact Specifications
Pure Materials, Immense Flexibility & Resiliance
Fit & Forget - Excellent Logevity


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