ECS Tuning 2.0T Coil Pack Conversion Kit ANODISED BLACK - 1.8T Push in coil models


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The OEM 2.0T Coils are approx 14mm taller than the 1.8T units. In order to have a seal that allows some form of security with the valve cover, the coil pack requires an adapter plate.

Users are finding smother idle and better performance because the 2.0T coils run a hotter spark, running these you can also increase spark plug gap giving even better gains in both economy and performance.

The engineers at ECS Tuning spent countless hours designing the perfect conversion plate for the 1.8T. This beautiful unique conversion plate spans all the way across the top of the 1.8T valve cover and is designed to accept our own ECS coil pack hold downs (Available separately). Our conversion plate is secured to the valve cover using 8 stainless steel allen head screws that sit flush into the plate when installed giving it a seamless look. The CNC machined plate was engineered and manufactured to seamlessly integrate the 2.0T coil packs onto the 1.8T engine.

This stage 1 kit includes our custom powder coated anodised black conversion plate with red 2.0T coil packs.

The ECS engineers taking it a step further, have also included a simple installation kit to properly relocate your vacuum reservoir. (See our install pictures to see where we relocated ours)

Does not fit Early Cars with Bolt down coil packs (AWD / AEB / AYP / AGU / etc) not for cars that have the stainless steel clips on the coilpack

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