ECS Dogbone Mount Insert Kit - Red - Golf Mk5 etc 06-08


  • Ex Tax: £37.30

Smoother shifts and better throttle response in minutes
Fits up to the 2008 model year

If you are looking to add a bit more power to your Volkswagen Jetta MKV or you simply desire smoother shifts, these new dog bone mounts from ECS Tuning are perfect for you.

These dog bone mounts insert works with the stock rubber bushings to provide a better and a more rigid connection between the transmission mount and the subframe. With less movement you will experience smoother shifts and less engine movement under heavy acceleration.

These mounts are incredibly strong, as they are made with 70A Torque Durometer Polyurethane. Durometer is one of several measures of the hardness of a material and judging by the rating of these mounts, you can be sure of their strength and longevity.

Replacing your dog bone mounts is a rather simple process and one that you can do in your own garage. In fact, there are numerous DIYs available online on enthusiast websites to make your job easier. Those that have installed our dog bone mounts have reported a very noticeable difference over stock and that the spongy and sloppy shifting feeling is history. Get a tight shifting experience without the slop with our new dog bone mount inserts.

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