ECS Coil Pack Hold Down Kit - 1.8T


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A creative & attractive solution for your coil pack "popping" problem

Ever open the hood of your 1.8t & find your push-down coil packs popping out or completely popped out of their secured locations? The solution from VAG is to just push them down again only to have the same problem again in due time. ECS now releases a creative & attractive solution to this problem. Billet coil pack brackets that have a plastic adjustment screw to fine tune pressure on the coil pack. These ECS Coil pack brackets are hard anodized & come with stainless hardware to assure durability. Easy 5 minute install!

On AWW/AWP engine codes, these hold downs will interfere with the vacuum reservoir. Trimming of the vacuum reservoir bracket is necessary to install these.

Form & Function, it's the ECS way!

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