ECS Billet Aluminum Water Pipe - Black or Silver - 24v V6/R32


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Pipe from back of water pump to thermostat housing, located under intake manifold. Engineered to be the last water pipe you'll need to replace

The OEM water distribution pipe is made of plastic, like many other components in your cooling system.

This plastic becomes brittle over time and exposure to constant temperature change.

Instead of installing another plastic piece that is bound to fail, ECS engineered a permanent solution; Our Billet Aluminum Water Pipe.

We started with the OEM piece to ensure we get all the critical dimensions just right.

Machined 6061 aluminum for a strong yet lightweight pipe.

Added a steel drain plug with an easy to remove allen key

And finally anodized our aluminum beauty to protect it against corrosion.

We've developed the strongest, longest-lasting, best looking solution on the market.

Don't settle for just any Billet water distribution pipe, or what competitors would call a crack pipe.

Check out our cooling section for comprehensive cooling overhaul kits that include this pipe and everything else you'll need to keep your VR6 running flat out

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