ECS Audi 2.7T Coil Pack Conversion Kit - B5 S4/A6 2.7T


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Unload your ICM's and update your 2.7T ignition system!

Are you sick of replacing those pricey 2.7T ignition coil packs and the always troublesome ICM's? If so, its time to unload those ICM's and update your ignition system with the ECS Tuning 2.0T (FSI/TSI) Coil Pack Conversion Kit.

The engineers at ECS Tuning spent countless hours designing the perfect conversion kit for the 2.7T. These beautiful unique conversion plates span all the way across the top of both 2.7T valve covers and sweep backwards slightly giving them a perfect uniform fit and finish. Our conversion plate is secured to the valve cover using 6 stainless steel allen head screws that sit flush into the plate when installed giving it a seamless look. The CNC machined plate was engineered and manufactured to seamlessly integrate the 2.0T (FSI/TSI) coil packs onto the 2.7T engine.

Unlike other competitors kits we have engineered a custom ignition wiring harness for both the left and right bank of the engine. Being a single harness that incorporates the wiring conversion for all coil packs gives this kit again a seamless OE look. There is no extra soldering or wiring needed for this kit. ECS has taken the time to create custom connectors to take the guess work out of the equation. Once the OE 2.7T ignition coils and ICM's are out, this kit is simply plug & play.

This kit includes the following:

ICM Delete Harness - 2
2.0T Coil Pack Conversion Harness - 2
2.0T Coil Pack Conversion Plate -w- Hardware - 2
Red 2.0T (FSI/TSI) Ignition Coil Packs - 6

Audi B5 S4 2.7T (2000-2002)
Audi C5 A6 2.7T (1998-2004)
Audi allroad 2.7T (2001-2005)

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