ECS Aluminum Split Pipe Coolant Fitting - 1.8T


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Replaces the failure prone, plastic coolant split pipe from the turbo & expansion tank to the water pipe hose

The plastic coolant connections are subjected to constant abuse, being exposed to a wide range of temperatures on a daily basis. If let go for too long, a broken fitting could cause a major coolant leak and costly repairs.

This fitting is used to connect the coolant lines from the turbocharger and the expansion tank to the coolant line that connects to the hard water pipe. This fitting is one of most common failure points in the cooling system on most transverse 1.8T's. If yours is broken or if you're seeking piece of mind, look no further than our direct fit ECS Tuning cast aluminum Split Pipe Coolant Fitting.

Replaces OEM part number 1J0122109AQ.

When you are replacing your coolant hoses, examine the rest of your cooling system to be sure that all these abused parts are being replaced. Replace any suspect hose flanges and pick up some factory-approved coolant for a complete job by checking under the Maintenance section of your specific model.

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