ECS Adjustable Short Shift Kit For 6-Speed Manual Transmissions - Golf Mk5/Mk6


  • Ex Tax: £140.03

Both TDI and Petrol models

Featuring 4 adjustable positions with adjustable weights to get the exact feel you want

At last, a short shifter that gives you choices. The ECS Adjustable Short Shifter Kit comes with five balancing weights that can be bolted on to the shift pivot arm or removed as needed to adjust shift feel. These weights fix the problem of lesser short shift kits, which leave the lever feeling vague and disconnected.

Reduce shift throws by 49, 28, 7 percent, or leave them stock using one of the four pre-drilled adjustment holes. Make adjustments under the hood quickly after temporarily removing the air filter housing, and experiment until you find the best combination of throw and shift feel for your driving habits.

Our heavy cast shift arm comes with a complete installation kit including plate, weights, bolts, washers, and shift pin.

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