ECS Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator & Gauge Kit - 1.8T/2.0/VR6


  • Ex Tax: £142.99

Works as a replacement for most Bosch fuel pressure regulators. Adjustable from 25psi - 75psi (5bar)

Is your vehicle running rough or not starting after ignition? If so, it might be time to replace your fuel pressure regulator with this part from ECS Tuning. If your fuel pressure is too high, it can cause the engine to run rich and is your pressure it a too low, it can run lean.

A vehicle that is running rough is not just annoying, but it can damage your vehicle as well, so be sure to replace your regulator. In order to keep an eye on your fuel pressure, you can also get this new Fuel Pressure Gauge to keep on eye on that pressure. These parts were produced by ECS Tuning, so you can be sure of their quality.

Fully Adjustable Regulator from 25psi - 75psi.
Uses Original Bosch Regulator!
Bolt-in - No Modifications Needed
Billet Fuel Pressure Gauge - Range of 0-100 PSI.

Audi \tAll Road \tAll \t2.7T
Audi \tB5 A4 \tAll \t1.8T
Audi \tB5 S4 \tAll \tAll
Audi \tC4 S4 \tAll \tAll
Audi \tC4 S6 \tAll \tAll
Audi \tC5 A6 \tAll \t2.7T
Audi \tTT MKI \tAll \tAll
Volkswagen \tAll \tAll \t1.8T
Volkswagen \tAll \tAll \tVR6 12v
Volkswagen \t337/20AE \tAll \tAll
Volkswagen \tCabrio III \tAll \tAll
Volkswagen \tGolf III \tAll \t2.0
Volkswagen \tGolf IV \tAll \t1.8T
Volkswagen \tGolf IV \tAll \t2.0
Volkswagen \tJetta III \tAll \t2.0
Volkswagen \tJetta IV \tAll \t1.8T
Volkswagen \tJetta IV \tAll \t2.0
Volkswagen \tNew Beetle \tAll \t1.8T
Volkswagen \tNew Beetle \tAll \t2.0
Volkswagen \tPassat B4 \tAll \t2.0

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