ECS Adjustable Drop Links - Golf 4/Bora/Beetle


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Attaches sway bar to control arm, adjustable in order to increase clearance between the sway bar and the axles

The sway bar on your vehicle is essentially a connection between the left and right lower control arms. When you take a corner in your vehicle, the sway bars flex and rebound like a spring. Stock bars give a stock performance.

If the sway bar links are broken or worn, the system doesn't work as it should. New end links help you take turns better with less body roll. A great way to refresh your suspension.

Some symptoms of failure are loose cornering, knocking noises, and a sloppy feeling when hitting bumps. They are very easy to replace, and can be done by any automotive enthusiast.

Adjustable sway bar end links allow you to lower your car without worrying about clearance issues between your sway bar and axles. As the car is lowered, the sway bar and axle geometry is changed slightly causing the sway bar to contact the axles at certain points of suspension travel.

Made of 100% stainless steel with polyurethane bushing, they will not only stay looking great but give an improved feel over stock bushings. Includes three different length adjusting bolts to allow you to tailor it to your particular application. Instead of buying parts over and over, our kit allows you to use it on a stock vehicle now, and a modified car later.

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