EBC Green Stuff Rear Brake Pads - Fabia VRS


  • Ex Tax: £47.92

Fast/Heavy Street Use
Brake well from cold
Effective to above 650°C
Low dust formula
Generally recommended for cars producing up to/around 200BHP and / or NOT 4WD

Triple Max Power Award winning Greenstuff are the ultimate performance/fast street brake pads you can get for your hot hatch or sport compact. These pads have a high friction coefficient, great initial bite from cold, right up to a blistering 650 degrees centigrade. Another major benefit of the Greenstuff compound is its award-winning feature of being LOW DUST. Being awarded the UK magazines Autotrade Innovation Award for its low dust features, Greenstuff pads cut down between 60-90% of the dust common with most competitive types of semi-metallic pad on your alloys keeping wheels cleaner and delivering performance at the same time. Greenstuff pads are available for a huge range of cars, SUV’s, light trucks and mini vans.

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