ECS Front Subframe Locking Collar Kit Golf MK5/6


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VW aluminum front subframes are notorious for "walking" or "shifting," creating clunks, squeaks and groans while turning, starting and/or stopping. VW's repair to this was issued through a TSB (Tech Service Bulletin) whereby a set of shims and larger shank diameter bolts were installed to take up the space between the subframe and the body, limiting subframe motion and tightening the clamp load on the subframe. However, the noise and shifting subframe issue can still return with these shims installed. 

If you notice signs of subframe shifting, identified by looking underneath the front suspension and inspecting where the front subframe meets the body and a separation line is observed, or if you hear knocking or clunking while making turns, starting and/or stopping you more than likely will need this ECS Front Subframe Locking Collar Kit.  

The ECS Locking Collar Kit features precision CNC machined aluminum upper and lower locking inserts, anodized black for long lasting corrosion protection and include larger shank diameter OEM inboard subframe bolts. Evaluated by our in house R&D team, we do not believe the subframe shifting is a result of the larger shank diameter hardware stretching, but more as a result of loose tolerances between the bolts and subframe bolt holes. 

Our collars take up the gap found in between the subframe bolts and subframe bolt holes, effectively eliminating any chances of the subframe to shift and move around. This creates a locked down front subframe, eliminating any noises as a result of "subframe shift" and improves handling and front suspension feedback, maintaining intended suspension geometry. 


This ECS Front Subframe Locking Collar Kit includes the following:

  • CNC Machined Aluminum Locking Collars, Upper - QTY 6
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Locking Collars, Lower - QTY 6
  • Larger Shank Diameter, Inboard Subframe Bolts - QTY 2
  • Replacement Torque To Yield Fasteners - All needed for partial lowering of front subframe
  • An available online installation PDF

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