AutoBrite - Crystal Superior Glass Cleaner 500ML


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The Autobrite Crystal Glass Cleaner has been around since 2005 in the Autobrite collection and probably before then. Its one of the 1st products we developed back in the day and today its recognized to be one of the best glass cleaners on the market today. Its without doubt one of the easiest products to use when cleaning your glass. Many use Crystal for their cars, windows in the house and other household chores, our customers swear by our Crystal Glass Cleaner.

Crystal is a solvent based, powerful glass cleaner that removes dirt, grime, finger prints, grease, food, smoke, vape fog, bird lime and even exhaust smoke effortlessly from all glass surfaces. Crystal has a high flash off formula, which means when Crystal is applied to the glass surface, its instantly wiped and buffed immediately taking the dirt and grime with it. When partnered up with our Enforcer Glass towel there is really nothing like it, it makes glass cleaning a real pleasure.


Make sure all your glass surfaces and clean and dry before applying Crystal. If your glass is heavily contaminated you will need to use our Clear View creme Glass Polish for a more intensive clean & polish. 

Some people hate cleaning their glass, in fact many get the whole glass cleaning thing so wrong by using the incorrect products and techniques. So the best way to clean your glass quickly and effectively is to have 2 x Enforcer Glass Towels, one for wiping the product into the glass, one to buff. So here we have some simple steps on how to clean your glass the right way (our recommendation of course).

If your glass is lightly contaminated, spray approx 3-5 fine mists of Crystal onto the Enforcer Glass Towel, or directly to the surface (be aware of getting unwanted product on plastics etc) and wipe the Crystal into the surface. Then pick up your other Enforcer and buff the glass to a crystal finish, done!

Sometimes even when you have cleaned your glass, as you look into the light through the glass you may find some streaks and marks on there! Thats ok, it just needs a 2nd application to remove the remainder of the contamination.  

Autobrite Crystal works wonders with our Repel Glass Sealant too.

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