Complete Performance Engine Mount Kit - Audi S4 B6/7


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Complete Performance Engine Mount Kit - Audi S4 B6/7

ECS Tuning performance polyurethane engine mounts offer a more engaging driving experience, with crisper throttle response, more precise shifter feel, and reduced driveline slop, with only minimal increase in engine vibration transmitted to the chassis.

ECS Tuning performance engine mounts are custom made in house by our leading R&D department. These mounts are the result of countless hours of research and testing to establish the best possible bushing design to minimize both engine vibration and driveline deflection, while maximizing strength. ECS Tunings primary goal was to achieve a comfortable & compliant ride while maximizing performance. After putting down thousands of real world test miles on multiple vehicles, we've done just that.

Features include:

  • Tuned polyurethane isolators selected for a firm yet compliant ride
  • Precision machined billet 6061-T6 housing for durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Engine operating conditions and drivetrain forces carefully analyzed to allow for a bushing design that withstands engine and drivetrain forces, and dampens natural engine vibration frequencies.
  • Our poly material is more resistant to water, ozone, and chemicals, maintaining its resiliency and elasticity longer than conventional rubber.
  • Crisper throttle response & more precise shifts
  • Long-term testing done on multiple vehicles for real-world qualification
  • All stainless steel hardware used for corrosion protection
  • Custom made error-free resistor harnesses

Being a relatively simple process, if you're mechanically inclined you should have no problem replacing the mounts in your own garage.

Kit includes:

  • ECS Tuning Performance Polyurethane Engine Mounts - Left & Right Side
  • ECS Tuning Plug & Play Resistor Harnesses
  • ECS Tuning Performance Polyurethane Snub Mount
  • New Mounting Hardware

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