Get smoother shifts and less vibrations in minutes with this new dog bone mountFits from the 2009 model yearIf you are looking to add a bit more power to your Volkswagen Golf V or Golf MKVI or you sim..


Replace your original drain plug with a 17mm head magnetic drain plugMagnetic Transmission Drain Plugs from ECS Tuning for your VW & Audi. ECS MAGNETIC PLUGS have a permanent magnet that is fasten..


This quickshifter, once installed, will allow you to shorten the movement of your gear shift in order to obtain the optimum shifting times required for performance driving . You can personally customi..


PFF85-530 is an insert and designed to fill the voiding in the original mount.OEM Part Number: 1K0199555Q / 1K0199555R / 1K0199555LOEM Part Number: 1K0199555M / 1K0199555N / 1K0199555ABOEM Part Number..


Soft factory bushings whilst they do a good job of not transmitting engine vibration, they do create vague & unresponsiveness in the vehicles drive train. Under hard acceleration, the engine and trans..

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