H4 Ring XENON Ultima +120 Headlamp Bulbs 60/55W (Pair)


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H4 Ring XENON Ultima +120 Headlamp Bulbs 60/55W (Pair)

A WORLD FIRST - 120% More light for exceptional night time driving
100% Xenon Gas and advanced technology help to improve vehicle vision with improved bulb brightness
Longer beam pattern for greater light output to enhance road signs and reduce accidents
The Ultima bulbs are street legal and require no changes to vehicle wiring

The new Ring Automotive Xenon headlamp bulb is a WORLD FIRST creating up to 120% MORE LIGHT on the road , producing 100% Xenon gas and advanced filament technology to allow exceptional night driving performance.

The new bulb design has a longer beam pattern to enable other road users to be seen more clearly which then allows more time to react to potential hazards, improved brightness and better reflections from road markings and signs help to create a more comfortable and safer road experience when travelling at night.

Street legal and requiring no changes to vehicle wiring, the Xenon Ultima is a simple upgrade form standard bulbs.

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