H4 Philips X-treme Vision +100 Headlight Bulbs (pair)


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H4 Philips X-treme Vision +100 Headlight Bulbs (pair)

Philips have just released the latest in H1 headlight upgrade bulbs: the Philips X-Treme Vision +100%. It gives up to 100% more light than standard halogen headlight bulbs, and is suitable for cars, motorcycles and vans with 12v systems. They will work for both dipped and main headlights.

The lamps, which are fully road legal and suitable for use in plastic lenses, are great for those that spend considerable time driving at night, especially in country areas. They are good for bikes with single front lamps, as the overall light increase gives similar illumination to a pair or ordinary headlights. The brighter, whiter light output also makes your vehicle more visible to pedestrians and other road users.

The performance gain is achieved through a new unique filament design, optimised geometry, a quartz burner and high pressure gas filling to deliver maximum light output and longer life expectancy. The end result is safer night time driving with greater visible distance.

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