The Cool Blue bulbs produce a bright white light with a slight blue tint Each bulb produces up to 20% more light than a standard bulb highlighting road signs and markings for a safer night time..


Brand New Osram Night Breaker Unlimited Up to 110% more light than standard halogen lamps for increased night vision 35 metre longer light beam allowing hazards along the road ahead to be se..


PAIR of bulbs High performance halogen without high power consumption for safe installation in headlamps. Replicate the Xenon HID look with Philips Diamond Vision bulbs. 5000K - Ultimate Whit..


Philips have just released the latest in H1 headlight upgrade bulbs: the Philips X-Treme Vision +100%. It gives up to 100% more light than standard halogen headlight bulbs, and is suitable for cars, m..


A WORLD FIRST - 120% More light for exceptional night time driving 100% Xenon Gas and advanced technology help to improve vehicle vision with improved bulb brightness Longer beam pattern fo..

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