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PSI Mercedes Specialists in Stoke


PSI Tuning's service work can be tailored to suit the customer's requirements. Depending on the needs and uses of their vehicle we start with a basic package of a 10k service consisting of a part vehicle inspection, oil change and filter elements inspected.

Our 20k service is the equivalent to the dealer's 40k service and consists of a full vehicle inspection, replacement of filter elements, replacement of engine fluids and replacement of spark plugs (petrol engines only).

The customer is given full documentation and a report. A longlife service is also available. Full prices are at the bottom of this page.


As well as our growing reputation when it comes to service & performance work. PSI Tuning also has an excellent knowledge when it comes to fault finding.

We would like to think that with the amount of experience we have gained over the years, we have encountered most faults at least once, and if we haven’t, we’ll have enough combined knowledge to know where to start from.

We have a variety of hardware and software such as VAG-Com to look into electrical issues and can clear fault codes, reset service lights and other advanced functions and coding.

Loan Car

PSI Tuning try to make sure the customers needs are catered for, where ever & when ever possible. We understand that transportation, to and from PSI Tuning may be a problem, for you the customer. This is why we have a courtesy car now available upon request*.

Subject to availability and the discretion of PSI Tuning. The customer must provide a full drivers license (paper & card) on arrival.

Terms and condition may apply. * Non refundable charge of £10 towards running costs.


More Power ! More MPG!

For customers who desire to improve performance it is possible to obtain an increase in power up to 5-8% on atmospheric engines and up to the 30% on boosted ones. Similar improvements are gained in the torque curve as well. Even our performance remaps will give an economy boost under the same driving conditions. Gains from 5mpg are generally seen across the board.

We can cover almost all models from 1998 onwards and our staff have been remapping cars since 1996 so we have a wealth of experience along with the latest technolgy of remapping systems and rolling road in our premises.

We charge just £250 inc vat to remap your vehicle (excluding engines over 4.0l)

DPF Removal

Having problems with your DPF? light on, failing to regen or going into limp mode?
The most cost effective route is to remove your DPF completely!

At PSI we can remove your DPF to leave a factory look, we basically gut your DPF internals and weld it back up on the factory seams. The car will have no problems passing an MOT.

Then we remap the car giving more power and MPG at a cost of just £450 inc vat.

4 Wheel Alignment

At PSI Tuning we now have the latest technology in 3D Scanning Hofmman Wheel Alignment machine: it allows us a more precise alignment than ever below, is suitable for very low cars too and we can set your suspension up perfectly.


2 Wheel Drive Dynamometer with micro-processor computer unit for graphic and digital display of the measurement values, with various programs for optimal adaptability for all testing tasks in the workshop.

  • Power measurement at constant RPM,speed,tractive force
  • Graphical and numerical display of wheel, drag and engine power and torque
  • Background display of three power measurements
  • Individual display of performance curves
  • Display of speed, RPM and oil temperature during power measurement

  • Air Conditioning Servicing

    Our air con servicing includes a recharge, antibacterial clean and a pollen filter keeping your car cool in the summer and your windows de-misted in the winter with an efficiently operating car air conditioning system.

    During the operation of your air conditioning system harmful bacteria can build up within the system and on the vents. As part of our service we include an Anti-Bacterial treatment to deep clean your system, this treatment may also remove unpleasant odours that can sometimes be omitted.

    Air con servicing from £65+vat

    Service Pricing : All prices are subject to VAT

    Model 10k Service 20k Service
    A/B Class Petrol £110 £195
    A/B Class Diesel £115 £210
    C Class Petrol £155 £255
    C Class Diesel £165 £285
    Viano Petrol £175 £275
    Viano Diesel £165 £275
    CLK Class Petrol £155 £245
    SLK Petrol £155 £245
    SLK AMG £195 £285
    E Class 210 Petrol £155 £235
    E Class 210 Diesel £155 £265
    E Class 211 Petrol £160 £ 255
    E Class 211 Diesel £165 £265
    SL Petrol £160 £295
    SL AMG £170 £315
    M Class 163 V6 £170 £265
    M Class 163 V8 £165 £275
    M Class 164 Petrol £160 £255
    M Class 164 Diesel £160 £235
    C Class AMG £185 £295
    S Class CL Petrol £165 £275
    S Class CL Diesel £170 £275
    S Class CL V12 £195 £305

    Labour is charged at £50 an hour. All prices are subject to VAT.