AutoBrite - Hellshine - The Reaper - Super Plush Drying Towel


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AutoBrite - Hellshine - The Reaper - Super Plush Drying Towel

The Reaper is a super thick, super plush and super soft drying towel from Hellshine. Developed to dry your car easily and safely and to keep your paintwork swirl free.

The Reaper is a 60 x 60 super plush water absorbing soft thick pile drying towel that is safe to use on all paint surfaces. A unforgiving drying towel that eradicates the unholy water from your car or bike! 

The Reaper - H20 wont know whats hit it!


Simply place The Reaper onto your panel, pat dry (or wipe gently) and send water into the 1000GSM ultra plush afterlife!

Care Instructions
Your Reaper will be going through some serious work with drying after drying after drying. Its important that you need to look after your Reaper the right way. Washing your Reaper with the correct detergent that has no fabric softner in is imperative, if you dont your Reaper wont perform as it should. Using the incorrect detergent on your towels will cause the towels not to absorb any water, the towel will 'push' the water off the car as opposed to absorbing the water. 

Machine wash your Reaper using Clean Towels towel detergent at approx 30-60ml per wash (30ml low to 60ml high soiling levels). Machine dry at low heat or air dry, fluff up your Reaper to its full exorcising best!

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