501 Wedge WY5W Osram Diadem Chrome Bulbs (pair)


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501 Wedge WY5W Osram Diadem Chrome Bulbs (pair)

Shimmering surface to eliminate the fried egg effect
Flashes amber as bright as a standard bulb
Excellent colour output and brightness
12 months warranty

Osram DIADEM Chrome bulbs have been manufactured to the highest standards with a special chrome coating which, when off, gives the bulbs a shimmering surface. This shimmering surface blends in with the silver reflectors of the headlamp eliminating the "fried-egg effect" you get with amber indicator bulbs. These Diadem bulbs flash amber to the usual intensity when in use.

The new DIADEM lamps are a simple direct replacement for your existing 501 WY5W bulbs and have been registered for use throughout all of Europe.

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