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Used for retracting caliper pistons when installing new brake pads.The Schwaben 11-piece Caliper Piston Retractor tool kit screws brake caliper pistons back into their bores to make room for new brake..


Refill your cooling system quickly without airlock issuesThe Schwaben Coolant Evacuation Tool Kit is used universally among all vehicles using the Venturi method to ensure that there will be no air po..


The Schwaben Electrical Terminal tool kit is essential for anyone working on European vehicle electrical systems. It contains terminal and pin removal and installation tools in assorted sizes, each wi..


The Schwaben coil removal tool makes a hard job look easy. Designed to safely and easily remove coils from many VW/Audi coil-on-plug ignition systems, this handy special tool grabs each coil securely,..


Handle Ignition service with ease with this 5/8-inch spark plug removal socket and coil pack puller. The coil puller is designed to safely and easily remove coils from many VW/Audi coil-on-plug igniti..


Prevent alloy wheel damage when removing and installing lug nuts and boltsProtect your expensive mag wheels with Shwaben coated six-point, deep-well impact sockets. Schwaben Protecta Sockets have colo..


A quick and innovative solution to removing your stubborn push & pull connectorsHaving the right tools for the job at hand makes any task much easier, and less time consuming. This Schwaben VAG Connec..


If your looking to dive into your car, either to save money and perform repairs yourself or to take on the latest DIY you found online you will need the right tools for the job. This Volkswagen Audi s..


These should be used anytime a car is lifted, put in neutral or on an incline.Safety first!...


Neatly organise, store, and move your extra wheelsNow you can stack your extra wheels without the danger of scratches and scuffs. This wheel storage rack keeps your wheels spaced apart, and being on ..

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