ECS Tuning 2.0T Billet Boost Tap Assembly - 2.0 TFSI


  • Ex Tax: £42.99

The ECS billet aluminum boost tap adds 2 possible vacuum ports for your 2.0T boost specific needs. This boost tap was designed and engineered in-house specifically for the 2.0T. Built to simply fit in between the intake manifold and PCV hose with an OE c-clip.

Are you looking to add more than one vacuum assisted accessory to your 2.0T? No problem! The ECS Tuning 2.0T boost tap kit includes 2 possible vacuum ports to tie into when needed. If you only want to run one accessory all you have to do is install the included set screw to block off the other port. To be sure of a secure install of the ports or set screw we've also included a medium strength thread locker for peace of mind.

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